Supernatural Boston

Mystery solved = More Problems
Gale's Log

Finally the person who killed those little kids was discovered. It is too bad that he could not be properly brought to justice, though I don’t know any mortal court system that would admit a trial based on vampires and necromancy. It looks like as if the last of the Black Court in Boston is gone for now.

This leaves a greater problem, who is going to fill the power vacuum left by these Black Court monsters? The White Court has already tried to get into the fray, but that is like out of the pot and into the fryer situation. Supposedly Aya has a contact that is bring in a power, but who that contact is and what the group will be is still a mystery. It seems that Jenny Agis doesn’t seem to like person that Aya is making a deal with but whatever, as long as we don’t have another Black Court it should work out.

Speaking of deals, I am now under the tutelage of Madame Ginger. I am hoping this divination power will be more helpful then the random images I sometimes see running by me, man those give me such a headache. I did need to find out about Jenny’s Father’s murder case. I was only a teen when it happened, but I will open it up if that is what Ginger wants. Apparently it is linked with the Supernatural, and considering how well supernatural being skid the law, I should not be surprised this case is unsolved.

The little I got out of Jenny was not really a lot to go on. I am still surprised, that she saw the attack, but not the attackers. It would be easier if I could freaking go back to work. The investigation into the urban Safari should be over by now. Man being away from work is causing me a lot of problems, like making rookie mistakes.

These are problems for a different time. I need to apologize to both Aya and especially Absinthe for thinking either of them was involved with the previous cases. Though I still believe Absinthe needs to watch her clientele a little better, and stop with the illegal magic, at least I think her magic is illegal. Not a wizard so only have a slight understanding of the rules, at least only the rules Richard Codak has stated. Still I haven’t been that aggressive against a person, that I only have circumstantial evidence against, since I was a rookie.

The Coming Storm
Out with the black, in with the white

The White Court keeps sending me messages. Does Tabitha really think I’ll just up and run if she keeps pushing? Now that Horus is leaving they are making it painfully evident they will be moving in to Boston.

I met with Lady Anabelle Darkrose again for Sunday afternoon tea. She seems pleased that the Black Court has been outed, and claims her husband is impressed with me. She continues to dodge questions about who her friends the minor talents are, but assures me they will be building a presence in Boston. I told her if any need assistance in the area of fashion to have them look me up. For now I am content to know they are watching and waiting in the background, and that they will shift the balance of power slightly towards benevolence.

As for my new friends, they just can’t seem to keep their noses out of my business. An unfortunate pressure considering they also seem to lack any ability to maintain secrets, particularly the secrets of others. Mere days after meeting my mother and no doubt prying into my own personal matters they’ve already revealed her significant position to Absinthe. “Two people may keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Mother always had the most insightful little bits of wisdom. So they pressed me for any information I may have about the White Court, demanding to know exactly what I did to make them so angry at me as if I had done something wrong. I told them just enough to get them off my back, which caused further mistrust. In overt action, I’ve done far less damage than anyone else in this ragtag group, yet I am clearly the least trusted. It boggles the mind.

We did manage to jump the Black Court apprentice in the guest house behind the Necrotheque. He fell rather easily, though not before Absinthe got the newest magical member of the group, Marie Schwarzschild, involved. Maybe she will prove useful in aiding us in the trying days to come. At least there will be an interesting and non-judgemental (not to mention pretty) face in the group.

Defeat of a Vampire
You say goodbye, but I say hello

Time was running out for Horus, at least as far as Boston was concerned. While the others made preparations for outing the bastard, I plied my contacts for a means of filling the void that would be left behind by his departure. It is surprising to me that no one else recognized the danger him leaving represents. The detective in particular I would expect to have more foresight. Ah well. It appears I was the only one with sufficient motivation, as it seems my enemies are the most prominent potentials, namely Tabitha and the White Court.

I have made a new contact with Lady Anabelle Darkrose. She seems very defensive and mistrusting of other supernaturals. I’m surprised she didn’t lock me in her basement for a few days when she first realized I was also supernatural, but apparently I was enough of a gentleman that she found me disarming. Whatever the reason, she seems to enjoy outside company after being closeted for so long. Clearly the White Council hung her husband out to dry, which is why she keeps to herself. I may yet find out if his spirit haunts the manor.

There is some group of minor talents of which Anabelle is a part. They are apparently building a network for protection and mutual interest, as the White Council does not consider them powerful enough to be worth subjugating or protecting. Anabelle has offered to invite them into Boston in the wake of Horus’ departure, which I feel is a wonderful idea. Powerful enough to fill some of the space, but not terribly dangerous, which is exactly what I have been looking for. I briefly dabbled with the idea of contacting some of the fae, but it would have resulted in offering at least two favors in exchange for a very dangerous double-edged sword. If the Summer or Winter Courts care to come here, I won’t owe them for it.

The ambush itself went off essentially without a hitch. I prepared several ninja outfits to aid in the preparation. So cliche, but the perfect garments for the job. Horus came prepared, but was completely oblivious to the setup. It was over in a matter of seconds. We pummeled him several times doing a fair amount of injury, while he only got in one good swing. Unfortunately, I foolishly played the hero and drew the attention of several of the Renfields. I had to transform into a snake to avoid the gunfire, but I single-handedly ruined their efforts and escaped without a scratch! A marvelous performance, and I daresay the others were most impressed. Horus quickly surrendered and agreed to our terms. He has a week to leave, must release any of his slaves that are salvageable, can’t create any new slaves, and must avoid the entirety of North America for the next 150 years.

Buy a whore. snag a vampire
McCullen Files

Horus is finally out of Boston for the rest of my life. After a hard fought fight, while fooling him into believing that we were only their to talk about Dr. Grant Sawyer’s “sandwich”, myself, the cat, the tailor, strong man, and the wizard were able to subdue Horus and send him on his way. It was a victory, but a somewhat hollow one since the people under Horus’ mind magic will not recover, unless they are not already gone.

It is sad that the people already affected by thee will never recover, but Eoghan has hopefully found a good home for them. Hopefully Richard will be able to heal the woman in the ER so that another lost cause is not added to the list. This has been a travesty, the likes of which I haven’t seen since the lost children incident

I am very agitated that Horus or his cronies did not reveal anything about the people responsible for the “kidnapped children”. It really does hurt that no one knows I found the bodies of the kids, and I curse fate for not being about to at least recover the bodies. I saved Harley and that is great, but those others should be given a proper burial. I still do not know what the culprit wants with the bodies, I suspect something to do with magic.

Speaking of magic, I have decided that I will ask Madam Ginger to teach me divination. Those weird visions I get in the morning every now and then really hurt my head, and they usually make no sense to me, so I have resolved to just be able to truly understand what I see. I might have been able to stop Horus’ sooner had I know what that vision I got was about. I am hoping this “divination” will bear fruit, and hey maybe I can start to understand Fate…HA like that will ever happen.

I still owe fate that favor. My desire to learn divination was so that I would not need Madam Ginger’s help for every little issue. This would allow me to keep the favors to a minimum that I owe Fate. I really am frightened for what Fate will have me do next. I do not know what I can do if it is another event like with Harley; I know I would not leave Harley, or anyone, their favor or not. Only time will tell what Fate does.

A Cunning Plan? Part 2

At least continuing to push forward is preventing my nerves from revolting on me and running and hiding somewhere. We’ve decided to ambush Horus at Paprika’s Wondernarium, a run-down old amusement park with enough hiding places to almost hide an army in. Richard preps his magic circle and wards to keep Horus in place once the trap has sprung while the rest of us visit Madam Ginger. She probably could know everything, if she put her mind to it, and even Eoghan acts nervously around her. But Detective McCullen trades her a favor to know more about how our trap for Horus goes and she declares that in 2 days time he will cease kidnapping innocents and remaking them into sex slaves. Or at least that is what I hope she said. Words, like the law, can be bent. Something I’m too familiar with. The temptation to ask her about my Father is increasing the longer I think about it. I will have to trade a favor for that knowledge soon, unless by some miracle evidence shows up after all this time. Yeah, that’s about as likely as Aya turning into a snake.

A day of preparation passes, as hiding spots for all of us are found and we continue to make ready. Need to think up more weapons for killing a vampire. He will pay for what was done to Nikki and all those other innocents.

Vampire Wars Episode 3: This Time It's Personal
Eoghan's Journal

Gonna kill us a vampire, gonna kill us a vampire

Gonna kill us a vampire because he wouldn’t just go f^&* himself


A Cunning Plan?

Absinthe was very helpful, despite our rescue being so close to home for him and dealing with his clients. He gave Eoghan a number for a contact of a contact to Horus which Eoghan decided quickly that the Professor looked like the one most in need of a high class date for the perfect night. I am very opposed to this, since it would mean Horus would likely capture another girl, but the risks outweigh the benefits. I hope. Not to mention Horus himself finding out that we’re behind this and he tries to take petty revenge. Again.

Thankfully studying for the bar exam and working at Aya’s shop are distracting. Especially when his Mother comes by for a visit! She knows more than she lets on, speaking of things such as the ‘Never Never’ and talking to Aya rapidly in Japanese at times. Sadly I was a Chinese student instead of Japanese, I never did get into the anime culture enough in high school to switch. I had enough on my plate at that point. Ugh, anyways she is a welcome visitor and makes very delicious tea. She gets to meet all of our new group, including Richard who strangely was posing as a bum outside of Aya’s shop. He later admitted to spying on Aya for Horus, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Aya’s mother suggested getting together for dinner and I recommended a nice curry place that was open late for fellow Harvard students. Plans are made, and then the operation to locate Horus is also planned. Sawyer is reluctant but decides to go along with the plan in order to kill more Black Court Vampires. That and he feels he’s the most knowledgeable about vampires than the rest of us, which is probably true!

I continue to work the shop while Eoghan collects money and makes the payment and the meetup. Once the last customer leaves, after quickly getting on my bike I make tracks over to the doughnut shop next to the graveyard where Sawyer is already waiting. Looking as inconspicuous as I can with my bike and helmet on, I wait until Horus leaves in his private limo. Eoghan and I trade off following him out to a residential area. The house was small and we see Horus entering it. Though the area seems quiet enough, appearances haven’t been what they seem the past week. Mission complete, Eoghan and I trail back to make sure that Sawyer isn’t being trailed. Sadly, Eoghan notices that he is traced back to MIT. What that may mean for Sawyer’s ‘background check’ for Horus’ service I know not.

Curry dinner was excellent! I hope Aya’s Mother enjoyed also, though again she seemed to know much more than she let on. And she let on about Much. But overall approved of the company Aya was keeping. Also she’s a great hugger, heh. It is nice to have one more person in the know on our side, definitely.

Vampire Wars Episode 2: Blacula's Revenge
Eoghan's Journal

Despite trashing her property, Absinthe was not as mad as us I’d expected; she was not excessively unhappy that she didn’t have to deal with the Black Court anymore, as she’d thrown them out when she found out what was going on in their rental space. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince her to actively oppose Horus, but she did point us in the right direction; Absinthe knew where appointments could be made to “hire” one of his girls.

Now, my normal approaches of “shock and awe” and “breaking and entering” don’t work so well against an immortal, ageless wizard, so we decided to pool our resources together and see if we could flush him out with an old-fashioned sting operation. With myself making the phone calls to “Carlos” to set up the initial appointment, and Dr. Sawyer conducting our meetings, as he is not known to Horus, we lured the bastard out of hiding to talk shop. After chatting about terms, conditions, and prices with Dr. Sawyer, he left for home, cleverly followed by multiple cars without license plates. Fortunately, we were more clever in tailing them, tracking him back to a little suburban residence without being spotted by their drivers. Strangely, it seems that the Detective’s call about the plateless cars had no results; no officers showed up to make arrests or give tickets (something they are normally eager to do).


Umpire says... Safe

Nikki is back! And herself again, but with a headache still. Better than being captured by vampires to become some kind of slave!

Let me start where we left off though. Some magical alarm, we learned later, was triggered and we all rushed up to help Eoghan who was facing down more of those mind less humans, Ren Fields I think Sawyer called them. Quickly, I threw off the loose dress I wore for this purpose and changed into a panther. Luckily I did, as Eoghan threw one of them out the window and I was able to trip it and help it on its brief flight. I learned later that Richard had put up earth spikes outside, which impaled the thing. But still didn’t kill it. Durable things, these vampires made. Ugh. Detective McCullen started shooting the others as I clawed away the gun from the other. Dodging bullets to put the still armed, with a gun, Sawyer uses kung foo or something to keep the other at bay while Eoghan and I wrestle with the one flailing. Quickly though, he pulls the same trick and we throw him out the window, joining the other on the earth spike. Sawyer smacks the Ren Field some and dodges its flailing to get out of his stern grip. I do notice at this point though, Eoghan seems Much stronger. Not that he was a wimp before, but abruptly it looks like he had a few years in the gym.

Back outside, Richard is dodging the one Ren Field who is still moving after using up the remaining shotgun bullets in the gun the first one dropped. I take his spot though in the grapple as Detective McCullen heads into the room with Nikki and the other girls. He calls for the Professor, who I growl at to head over there. Only really annoying thing about my panther half, I can’t be understood. Eoghan and I hold down the last Ren Field until Detective McCullen comes over with a wooden steak to finish it off and I rush to the room with Nikki. Fear ruffles my fur to no end as I hear screaming, but it seems to be one of the other girls. Richard comes in and starts undoing the runes around Nikki as I sit by, tensing everything in case some unseen vampire makes themselves known to stop Richard. Once Nikki is good, Eoghan grabs her and I follow him as Richard fixes the final girl. Who saved the first one then, if Richard got Nikki first? Sawyer? But time slows down as my adrenaline leaves, and we learn that Absinthe had showed up, but had obliterated a Ren Field before heading back into the club very angry and injured.

Detective McCullen, Nikki and the two other girls, and myself head to the station to start paperwork and get them to a hospital. Eoghan heads off to scrub the place, and probably to get a drink at his Uncle’s bar. Sawyer went to his lab, and Richard presumably to his house. I called Melody to let her know where we were going, and she met us at the hospital. We stayed there the night, not that I wouldn’t want to be there in case there were more supernatural shenanigans. Nikki had been through enough. I slept uneasily in the hospital waiting room, at least I had brought my leather jacket, always was a good pillow. In the morning, Melody was gone from the waiting room early so I went to get her and I some breakfast. When I came back, she and Nikki were up and out! She was released to go home, so after munching a bit we headed back to her dorm at the house.

At some point when taking Nikki home, I got a message from Eoghan to get lunch at some Italian restaurant. Sounded good, and Melody was looking after Nikki. I hopped on my bike to join him and the others. Something told me Eoghan wanted all of us to meet and actually talk about last night. I was very correct, except that his Uncle was also there with us for lunch. He made pretty certain that we knew what we had done, while probably necessary to save Nikki, was also extremely foolish. We were now on the Black Court’s wanted list, if we weren’t already. Wonderful. As for what to do about this, we had to either get them before they got us, waited to see if it calmed down, or find allies to help us. After thanking Eoghan’s Uncle for the information, and lunch, and sharing with him all we knew apparently for our lunch. This trading favors for information isn’t new to me, but supernatural information? Moving on, we decide to split up into two groups, some of us going to talk to Absinthe and the rest doing, research? Either way I get picked to talked to Absinthe. Oddly, Aya decided to not come and has been pretty passive during this entire ordeal. Though I know he’s a good person, something tells me he knows way more than he lets on. And why would this WC, or White Court, of vampires send him a threatening letter? If he’s in trouble too, that might be another reason to keep fighting. Hopefully not always outside the law, this time.

Action Before Worrying (or thinking)

The dream was back. Hiding, unable to do anything and watching my Dad die. Just a small kitten staying perfectly still away from whatever large thing had taken Dad down. I awoke early realizing that I felt the same way about losing Niki. I was, what, 25 now? Fifteen years and I still felt like a coward for that night. At least this time I had not woken up a panther and nearly scared the literal pants off my roommate. Why I had gotten my own room this time.

After hitting the gym in the early morning and then submitting more paperwork to finalize my bar exam, I talk to everyone I knew looking for anything about Niki. Had she turned up? Maybe the police had found her. But as the morning continued it seemed a short hope. Whatever had captured her, vampires or something else, probably still had her. I called up then the few people and, hoepfully?, friends I could ask who were there that night. Detective McCullen said nothing had turned up on his end, and Aya said he would ask his contacts and asked me to come in to help him manage both Melody and Molly. Why I get paid there, I suppose, and as long as he treats Molly well. After still hearing nothing, I hop on my bike and drive back to the cemetery.

To my surprise, Eoghan is also there! I had picked up flowers to take to my Dad’s grave as a possible distraction and ask Eoghan to use them, though I end up being the distraction for him. Why can he hide so well? He has to be a supernatural something like me. Maybe I’ll ask him about it when he’s not up 5 miles in De Nile. But he does sneak into the grave and says it’s clean as can be. Someone scrubbed it. I curse internally and went to visit my Dad’s grave. Coming back, Detective McCullen is here also having just taken his own look inside the grave. He reports the same as Eoghan but additionally that some sort of portal was used to get Niki out. So according to Sawyer, we may still have time to save her. McCullen and Eoghan decide to head off to visit a fortune teller at Paprika‚Äôs Wondernarium? I remember the place from when I was very small but didn’t think it was still open. Though I have to help out Aya and play defense, and maybe he turned up something.

Just in time! Rotating customers with Aya we manage to avert anything huge. And I get a bit of girl gossip in with Molly about Eoghan and she some about Aya. Melody is still hugely upset about Niki and I try to calm her saying that the cops and I are still looking into it. Even if I have to beat up more of those zombie things. Erm, well not that I still feel great about killing a mindless human. Ugh. Well, guilt trip later. Finding Niki now. Though a very odd note comes for Aya as he is back in the shop with only Molly. A threat letter! And one signed WC. Well, he’s enough like family that I’ll defend him too if something dark and sinister knocks on his door. Especially more vampires.

As the day continues, Saywer, McCullen, and Eoghan show up at Aya’s! A plan is forming, to head to the Necrotheque and find out if the vampires within have Niki. And then get her out. I immediately am game, especially since the other three seem very convinced. Aya doesn’t want to get involved, believing Absinth innocent. Which he still may be, considering how large the Necrotheque is and how many hiding spaces it has! Though Aya does dress Saywer appropriately, albeit with no makeup, and we hit the club early and sneak in the back way. Eoghan takes the lead with McCullen close behind as we sneak into the Mother-in-Law house of the Necrotheque. McCullen does more of his unique brand of sleuthing, not that I’m questioning most things at this point, and tells us Nikki and the other girls are indeed inside. The hiding and burglary master Eoghan, it seems, gets us in without any alarms. Until he sneaks in alone, and we suddenly hear an alarm go off!


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