Supernatural Boston

A Cunning Plan?

Absinthe was very helpful, despite our rescue being so close to home for him and dealing with his clients. He gave Eoghan a number for a contact of a contact to Horus which Eoghan decided quickly that the Professor looked like the one most in need of a high class date for the perfect night. I am very opposed to this, since it would mean Horus would likely capture another girl, but the risks outweigh the benefits. I hope. Not to mention Horus himself finding out that we’re behind this and he tries to take petty revenge. Again.

Thankfully studying for the bar exam and working at Aya’s shop are distracting. Especially when his Mother comes by for a visit! She knows more than she lets on, speaking of things such as the ‘Never Never’ and talking to Aya rapidly in Japanese at times. Sadly I was a Chinese student instead of Japanese, I never did get into the anime culture enough in high school to switch. I had enough on my plate at that point. Ugh, anyways she is a welcome visitor and makes very delicious tea. She gets to meet all of our new group, including Richard who strangely was posing as a bum outside of Aya’s shop. He later admitted to spying on Aya for Horus, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Aya’s mother suggested getting together for dinner and I recommended a nice curry place that was open late for fellow Harvard students. Plans are made, and then the operation to locate Horus is also planned. Sawyer is reluctant but decides to go along with the plan in order to kill more Black Court Vampires. That and he feels he’s the most knowledgeable about vampires than the rest of us, which is probably true!

I continue to work the shop while Eoghan collects money and makes the payment and the meetup. Once the last customer leaves, after quickly getting on my bike I make tracks over to the doughnut shop next to the graveyard where Sawyer is already waiting. Looking as inconspicuous as I can with my bike and helmet on, I wait until Horus leaves in his private limo. Eoghan and I trade off following him out to a residential area. The house was small and we see Horus entering it. Though the area seems quiet enough, appearances haven’t been what they seem the past week. Mission complete, Eoghan and I trail back to make sure that Sawyer isn’t being trailed. Sadly, Eoghan notices that he is traced back to MIT. What that may mean for Sawyer’s ‘background check’ for Horus’ service I know not.

Curry dinner was excellent! I hope Aya’s Mother enjoyed also, though again she seemed to know much more than she let on. And she let on about Much. But overall approved of the company Aya was keeping. Also she’s a great hugger, heh. It is nice to have one more person in the know on our side, definitely.



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