Supernatural Boston

Action Before Worrying (or thinking)

The dream was back. Hiding, unable to do anything and watching my Dad die. Just a small kitten staying perfectly still away from whatever large thing had taken Dad down. I awoke early realizing that I felt the same way about losing Niki. I was, what, 25 now? Fifteen years and I still felt like a coward for that night. At least this time I had not woken up a panther and nearly scared the literal pants off my roommate. Why I had gotten my own room this time.

After hitting the gym in the early morning and then submitting more paperwork to finalize my bar exam, I talk to everyone I knew looking for anything about Niki. Had she turned up? Maybe the police had found her. But as the morning continued it seemed a short hope. Whatever had captured her, vampires or something else, probably still had her. I called up then the few people and, hoepfully?, friends I could ask who were there that night. Detective McCullen said nothing had turned up on his end, and Aya said he would ask his contacts and asked me to come in to help him manage both Melody and Molly. Why I get paid there, I suppose, and as long as he treats Molly well. After still hearing nothing, I hop on my bike and drive back to the cemetery.

To my surprise, Eoghan is also there! I had picked up flowers to take to my Dad’s grave as a possible distraction and ask Eoghan to use them, though I end up being the distraction for him. Why can he hide so well? He has to be a supernatural something like me. Maybe I’ll ask him about it when he’s not up 5 miles in De Nile. But he does sneak into the grave and says it’s clean as can be. Someone scrubbed it. I curse internally and went to visit my Dad’s grave. Coming back, Detective McCullen is here also having just taken his own look inside the grave. He reports the same as Eoghan but additionally that some sort of portal was used to get Niki out. So according to Sawyer, we may still have time to save her. McCullen and Eoghan decide to head off to visit a fortune teller at Paprika‚Äôs Wondernarium? I remember the place from when I was very small but didn’t think it was still open. Though I have to help out Aya and play defense, and maybe he turned up something.

Just in time! Rotating customers with Aya we manage to avert anything huge. And I get a bit of girl gossip in with Molly about Eoghan and she some about Aya. Melody is still hugely upset about Niki and I try to calm her saying that the cops and I are still looking into it. Even if I have to beat up more of those zombie things. Erm, well not that I still feel great about killing a mindless human. Ugh. Well, guilt trip later. Finding Niki now. Though a very odd note comes for Aya as he is back in the shop with only Molly. A threat letter! And one signed WC. Well, he’s enough like family that I’ll defend him too if something dark and sinister knocks on his door. Especially more vampires.

As the day continues, Saywer, McCullen, and Eoghan show up at Aya’s! A plan is forming, to head to the Necrotheque and find out if the vampires within have Niki. And then get her out. I immediately am game, especially since the other three seem very convinced. Aya doesn’t want to get involved, believing Absinth innocent. Which he still may be, considering how large the Necrotheque is and how many hiding spaces it has! Though Aya does dress Saywer appropriately, albeit with no makeup, and we hit the club early and sneak in the back way. Eoghan takes the lead with McCullen close behind as we sneak into the Mother-in-Law house of the Necrotheque. McCullen does more of his unique brand of sleuthing, not that I’m questioning most things at this point, and tells us Nikki and the other girls are indeed inside. The hiding and burglary master Eoghan, it seems, gets us in without any alarms. Until he sneaks in alone, and we suddenly hear an alarm go off!



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