Supernatural Boston

Defeat of a Vampire

You say goodbye, but I say hello

Time was running out for Horus, at least as far as Boston was concerned. While the others made preparations for outing the bastard, I plied my contacts for a means of filling the void that would be left behind by his departure. It is surprising to me that no one else recognized the danger him leaving represents. The detective in particular I would expect to have more foresight. Ah well. It appears I was the only one with sufficient motivation, as it seems my enemies are the most prominent potentials, namely Tabitha and the White Court.

I have made a new contact with Lady Anabelle Darkrose. She seems very defensive and mistrusting of other supernaturals. I’m surprised she didn’t lock me in her basement for a few days when she first realized I was also supernatural, but apparently I was enough of a gentleman that she found me disarming. Whatever the reason, she seems to enjoy outside company after being closeted for so long. Clearly the White Council hung her husband out to dry, which is why she keeps to herself. I may yet find out if his spirit haunts the manor.

There is some group of minor talents of which Anabelle is a part. They are apparently building a network for protection and mutual interest, as the White Council does not consider them powerful enough to be worth subjugating or protecting. Anabelle has offered to invite them into Boston in the wake of Horus’ departure, which I feel is a wonderful idea. Powerful enough to fill some of the space, but not terribly dangerous, which is exactly what I have been looking for. I briefly dabbled with the idea of contacting some of the fae, but it would have resulted in offering at least two favors in exchange for a very dangerous double-edged sword. If the Summer or Winter Courts care to come here, I won’t owe them for it.

The ambush itself went off essentially without a hitch. I prepared several ninja outfits to aid in the preparation. So cliche, but the perfect garments for the job. Horus came prepared, but was completely oblivious to the setup. It was over in a matter of seconds. We pummeled him several times doing a fair amount of injury, while he only got in one good swing. Unfortunately, I foolishly played the hero and drew the attention of several of the Renfields. I had to transform into a snake to avoid the gunfire, but I single-handedly ruined their efforts and escaped without a scratch! A marvelous performance, and I daresay the others were most impressed. Horus quickly surrendered and agreed to our terms. He has a week to leave, must release any of his slaves that are salvageable, can’t create any new slaves, and must avoid the entirety of North America for the next 150 years.



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