Supernatural Boston

Mystery solved = More Problems

Gale's Log

Finally the person who killed those little kids was discovered. It is too bad that he could not be properly brought to justice, though I don’t know any mortal court system that would admit a trial based on vampires and necromancy. It looks like as if the last of the Black Court in Boston is gone for now.

This leaves a greater problem, who is going to fill the power vacuum left by these Black Court monsters? The White Court has already tried to get into the fray, but that is like out of the pot and into the fryer situation. Supposedly Aya has a contact that is bring in a power, but who that contact is and what the group will be is still a mystery. It seems that Jenny Agis doesn’t seem to like person that Aya is making a deal with but whatever, as long as we don’t have another Black Court it should work out.

Speaking of deals, I am now under the tutelage of Madame Ginger. I am hoping this divination power will be more helpful then the random images I sometimes see running by me, man those give me such a headache. I did need to find out about Jenny’s Father’s murder case. I was only a teen when it happened, but I will open it up if that is what Ginger wants. Apparently it is linked with the Supernatural, and considering how well supernatural being skid the law, I should not be surprised this case is unsolved.

The little I got out of Jenny was not really a lot to go on. I am still surprised, that she saw the attack, but not the attackers. It would be easier if I could freaking go back to work. The investigation into the urban Safari should be over by now. Man being away from work is causing me a lot of problems, like making rookie mistakes.

These are problems for a different time. I need to apologize to both Aya and especially Absinthe for thinking either of them was involved with the previous cases. Though I still believe Absinthe needs to watch her clientele a little better, and stop with the illegal magic, at least I think her magic is illegal. Not a wizard so only have a slight understanding of the rules, at least only the rules Richard Codak has stated. Still I haven’t been that aggressive against a person, that I only have circumstantial evidence against, since I was a rookie.



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