Supernatural Boston

The Coming Storm

Out with the black, in with the white

The White Court keeps sending me messages. Does Tabitha really think I’ll just up and run if she keeps pushing? Now that Horus is leaving they are making it painfully evident they will be moving in to Boston.

I met with Lady Anabelle Darkrose again for Sunday afternoon tea. She seems pleased that the Black Court has been outed, and claims her husband is impressed with me. She continues to dodge questions about who her friends the minor talents are, but assures me they will be building a presence in Boston. I told her if any need assistance in the area of fashion to have them look me up. For now I am content to know they are watching and waiting in the background, and that they will shift the balance of power slightly towards benevolence.

As for my new friends, they just can’t seem to keep their noses out of my business. An unfortunate pressure considering they also seem to lack any ability to maintain secrets, particularly the secrets of others. Mere days after meeting my mother and no doubt prying into my own personal matters they’ve already revealed her significant position to Absinthe. “Two people may keep a secret if one of them is dead.” Mother always had the most insightful little bits of wisdom. So they pressed me for any information I may have about the White Court, demanding to know exactly what I did to make them so angry at me as if I had done something wrong. I told them just enough to get them off my back, which caused further mistrust. In overt action, I’ve done far less damage than anyone else in this ragtag group, yet I am clearly the least trusted. It boggles the mind.

We did manage to jump the Black Court apprentice in the guest house behind the Necrotheque. He fell rather easily, though not before Absinthe got the newest magical member of the group, Marie Schwarzschild, involved. Maybe she will prove useful in aiding us in the trying days to come. At least there will be an interesting and non-judgemental (not to mention pretty) face in the group.



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