Supernatural Boston

Umpire says... Safe

Nikki is back! And herself again, but with a headache still. Better than being captured by vampires to become some kind of slave!

Let me start where we left off though. Some magical alarm, we learned later, was triggered and we all rushed up to help Eoghan who was facing down more of those mind less humans, Ren Fields I think Sawyer called them. Quickly, I threw off the loose dress I wore for this purpose and changed into a panther. Luckily I did, as Eoghan threw one of them out the window and I was able to trip it and help it on its brief flight. I learned later that Richard had put up earth spikes outside, which impaled the thing. But still didn’t kill it. Durable things, these vampires made. Ugh. Detective McCullen started shooting the others as I clawed away the gun from the other. Dodging bullets to put the still armed, with a gun, Sawyer uses kung foo or something to keep the other at bay while Eoghan and I wrestle with the one flailing. Quickly though, he pulls the same trick and we throw him out the window, joining the other on the earth spike. Sawyer smacks the Ren Field some and dodges its flailing to get out of his stern grip. I do notice at this point though, Eoghan seems Much stronger. Not that he was a wimp before, but abruptly it looks like he had a few years in the gym.

Back outside, Richard is dodging the one Ren Field who is still moving after using up the remaining shotgun bullets in the gun the first one dropped. I take his spot though in the grapple as Detective McCullen heads into the room with Nikki and the other girls. He calls for the Professor, who I growl at to head over there. Only really annoying thing about my panther half, I can’t be understood. Eoghan and I hold down the last Ren Field until Detective McCullen comes over with a wooden steak to finish it off and I rush to the room with Nikki. Fear ruffles my fur to no end as I hear screaming, but it seems to be one of the other girls. Richard comes in and starts undoing the runes around Nikki as I sit by, tensing everything in case some unseen vampire makes themselves known to stop Richard. Once Nikki is good, Eoghan grabs her and I follow him as Richard fixes the final girl. Who saved the first one then, if Richard got Nikki first? Sawyer? But time slows down as my adrenaline leaves, and we learn that Absinthe had showed up, but had obliterated a Ren Field before heading back into the club very angry and injured.

Detective McCullen, Nikki and the two other girls, and myself head to the station to start paperwork and get them to a hospital. Eoghan heads off to scrub the place, and probably to get a drink at his Uncle’s bar. Sawyer went to his lab, and Richard presumably to his house. I called Melody to let her know where we were going, and she met us at the hospital. We stayed there the night, not that I wouldn’t want to be there in case there were more supernatural shenanigans. Nikki had been through enough. I slept uneasily in the hospital waiting room, at least I had brought my leather jacket, always was a good pillow. In the morning, Melody was gone from the waiting room early so I went to get her and I some breakfast. When I came back, she and Nikki were up and out! She was released to go home, so after munching a bit we headed back to her dorm at the house.

At some point when taking Nikki home, I got a message from Eoghan to get lunch at some Italian restaurant. Sounded good, and Melody was looking after Nikki. I hopped on my bike to join him and the others. Something told me Eoghan wanted all of us to meet and actually talk about last night. I was very correct, except that his Uncle was also there with us for lunch. He made pretty certain that we knew what we had done, while probably necessary to save Nikki, was also extremely foolish. We were now on the Black Court’s wanted list, if we weren’t already. Wonderful. As for what to do about this, we had to either get them before they got us, waited to see if it calmed down, or find allies to help us. After thanking Eoghan’s Uncle for the information, and lunch, and sharing with him all we knew apparently for our lunch. This trading favors for information isn’t new to me, but supernatural information? Moving on, we decide to split up into two groups, some of us going to talk to Absinthe and the rest doing, research? Either way I get picked to talked to Absinthe. Oddly, Aya decided to not come and has been pretty passive during this entire ordeal. Though I know he’s a good person, something tells me he knows way more than he lets on. And why would this WC, or White Court, of vampires send him a threatening letter? If he’s in trouble too, that might be another reason to keep fighting. Hopefully not always outside the law, this time.



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