Jenny Agis

Werepanther Lawyer-in-Training


Usually seen with law books in her bag and wearing a black leather jacket, tan scarf, and long black skirt, Jenny seems your typical college lawyer graduate. Lately she is wearing a worried expression and a silver cross along with her normal rune necklace from her father.

Aspects Skills
High Concept
Were-panther Lawyer-in-Training
Nine Lives
Other Aspects
Hiding Places of the World
Lawful Stupid
Darker Insight
Great Worker
Level Human Form Panther Form
Superb (+5) Investigation Stealth
Great (+4) Stealth Athletics, Alertness
Good (+3) Presence, Empathy Might, Fists
Fair (+2) Scholarship, Rapport, Resources Endurance, Survival
Average (+1) Alertness, Athletics, Fists, Lore Investigation, Burglary
Stunts / Powers
Cost Ability
-1 Beast Change (Panther)
-1 Echoes of the Beast (Sight, +1 Stealth)
+1 Human Form
-1 Claws
-2 Inhuman Strength
-2 Inhuman Speed

Finding the real criminals and bringing them to justice, that is her dream. Much the same as her late Father, Phoenix Agis, as being a lawyer lets you know the law and act in the law. Detectives and Police to the legwork but the real people, to her, that dispense justice are those fighting in court.

Growing up though, she’s always had nine lives. Hiding around the orphanage her Mother still runs and nearly breaking her neck more than once only to be saved by her great reflexes. It wasn’t until her Father’s demise that she discovered why that was. She hid as he was attacked and blended into the shadows as a panther kitten allowing her to escape unseen as a witness to his violent and supernatural death.

Since then she’s worked hard at mastering both being a lawyer and a panther when the time calls for some stealth or muscle. Though rarely she’s woken up with the nightmare of her first time as a panther and torn up her bed and sheets. And scared the hell out of her roommate. Thankfully she was also drunk. Her sisters in Sigma Delta Epsilon have become much like her family, despite their difference of opinions about drinking sometimes. Especially her close friend Melody and her cousin Niki. She usually acts as the older sister in the sorority and helping everyone get to class and study. And getting them out of binds with her knowledge of the law. Especially campus law.

Her parttime job is working for Aya! Something she stumbled into on a campus add, and Aya enjoyed having an in to the sorority girls and all the other Harvard parties and events. Not that she minds giving him invites, and getting paid for it. Or doing a bit of grunt work while learning about fashions.

Jenny Agis

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