Supernatural Boston

In the beginning

Eoghan, working as usual at his uncle’s bar, was noticing something. he didn’t like to notice things. People he knew as regulars had been vanishing without comment. Lately though, they showed up again. Though dressed very fancy. They then vanish again shortly, again with no comment. Gale was working the docks when the urge to get a drink struck and only good bar near the was O’Reilly’s. After work, he heads there, waiting for his partner, Robert Tracy, to show up. Eoghan noticed Gale, the cop who put him in the drunk tank. While Gale notices him and finds it odd to see a non-supernatural tending such a bar. A smoking hot lady in a skin-tight red leather outfit comes into O’Reilly’s hanging on the arm of a badly dressed man. He doesn’t seem in her league, but hey, money can buy you most things if that was the case. About this time, Dr. Grant Sawyer gives McCullen a call, asking to meet with him at a bar. Fate, go figure. Jenny decides to give Aya, her old boss, a visit to ask about more temp work. And pass off another number from a girl who’s hosting a party at her sorority next week. They head over to O’Reilly’s as a client he is looking for might be there, a friend, Richard Codak who helped her out of a tight spot and Aya also wants to meet a potential client at O’Reilly’s. Codak meanwhile calls Dr. Sawyer, two tries on the phone is the charm, and agrees to meet up with him at the bar.

Sawyer and Gale start sharing drinks Eoghan gives them and make small talk. As Aya and Jenny get to the bar, as usual most girls turn their heads to stare at him. All except for one girl, the one in red. Aya attempts to woo her, but fails, oddly. She seems completely oblivious to everyone but her date. Aya leaves her a business card ad drinks his sex on the beach. Jenny sits sipping her whiskey. Richard shows up as Jenny apologizes to Dr. Sawyer for the library incident, and he introduces me to the detective McCullen and explains a bit about the book he “rescued” from Dr. Garbutt and how it was on the occult! Richard gets in at this point and he and Jenny exchange quick greetings before he and Sawyer dip into talking about magic and runes. Apparently Sawyer is friends with Richard, or working together or something like that. Meanwhile, Detective McCullen and his partner Robert question the odd couple for a bit before returning to talk to Sawyer and Richard.

Jenny distracts Robert for a bit by talking about his job and the missing persons case with the children. Eventually he strange couple stands to leave, as does Aya. He tries to get to her by touching her lightly on the shoulder as Molly gives her a death look. The bartender Eoghan confronts the couple briefly about the trouble of bringing in such a pricey “piece of tail!” The couple then leaves, and Aya nabs the red woman’s glass (probably to sniff as usual) and the Detective and the Professor start talking about mind control and vampires? What? Jenny offers to help at least, since she did push a bookshelf onto him. Even if he’s from MIT and kind of unhinged. Though she do know magic exists, occult just has a nasty ring to it.

Aya tries to track by smell the red lady, but is unable to track due to her leaving in a limo. Richard mentions that he will buy the hat soon and then leaves. Dr. Sawyer comments that she may be mind controlled? Similar to his theories about the Professor Garbutt. Eoghan doesn’t disagree. Aya seduces the barmaid Molly before Jenny drops him off and heads home via the T.

After her shift at the bar, Molly stops by Aya’s store for a full fitting. Everyone else heads home for the evening, some less sober than others.

Eoghan's Week Keeps Getting Worse

Eoghan O’Reilly woke up with a depressingly familiar hangover, although the night’s previous events had been odder than usual. It had just been one of those nights where all the crazies show up at the bar all at once.

A little hair of the dog and a quick shower later, Eoghan was ready to face another day, or so he thought.

Unfortunately, Eoghan O’Reilly was dead wrong.

It didn’t take long for work to materialize; those wacky MIT kids had managed to foul up another lock in the physics labs. Even though things had gone so well the last time he’d gone there to open a stubborn lock, they were paying him really well to come in and take care of the ones that their own staff couldn’t easily handle. Easy work, all told, and sometimes even a challenge.

This time, interestingly, the lab in question was opposite the laboratory of Dr. Grant Sawyer, which was, for no particular reason, full of the very same wackos from the bar last night. Eoghan knew from last night that a hardcore crackpot, so he was trying to get in and out quickly and avoid attention. Alas, it was not to be… Jenny spotted him and tried to drag him into the conversations and madness within. Fortunately, he was able to extricate himself quickly and race away down to the elevator.

Just as he reached the elevator, though, the power seemed to go out on the floor; lights flickered, the elevator doors died, and smoke began to billow from Dr. Sawyer’s lab. Not being a complete sociopath, Eoghan rushes back to make sure nobody’s dead. It doesn’t appear that anyone is hurt… however, one of the crazy ones, Richard, seems to have found something very tall in this lab room to jump off of, because he lands with a thud just as Eoghan arrives, scaring him pretty badly. But once he sees that no one is seriously injured, he slips back out and down the stairs.

TBC… Aya

I have no idea how Eoghan developed the foresight with which to know that we would be eating lunch (he had to have heard me discussing it with the others) at the next cafeteria away from the engineering building. Nonetheless, he set himself up in a prime position to observe the proceedings of our very important discussion. He heard me discussing plans for a field study at the Necrotheque! (oh how I love it so), and no doubt found my profound enthusiasm contagious. Thus my utter lack of surprise when I found him standing in awestruck wonder at the glorious selection of scintillating finery on display at my very own shop – Fantasies Fulfilled!

I set to work, quickly putting him at ease by complimenting the wisdom and bravery of his decision to enjoy the nightlife in what can only be described as an emergency rescue of fashion and taste. While he still stuck out for timidity, he was at least fantastically garbed. I daresay he thanked himself for it later.

At the Necrotheque! I was greeted in the customary fashion befitting a VIP of my stature. Absinthe was marvelous, as always. I’m ever so envious of Absinthe’s fashion sense, and I’m still learning new things every time I go there. The sorority sisters showed up, fashionably late (to be expected), and I quickly set to work working my magic. They were reluctant at first, but it’s impossible to resist my charms! I believe Melody is quite impressed, utterly shattering her pre-conceived notions, in a manner I can only presume will be very profitable for me, in a variety of senses.

And where oh where did they find that dress for Jenny?! I simply must know. This may require some undercover investigation (my speciality).

The night was interesting enough, as it always is at the Necrotheque! I got the boys dancing with the girls (some were beyond rescue, sadly). I met with Absinthe, who strongly suggested I lie low for a little while after insulting the fellow at O’Reilly’s, but how can you smother a gem of such brilliance?! The night passed fluidly, as did the free drinks, and it was quite a show. I’m not sure how it is that Richard was able to do it, but his caveman movements produced equally caveman sounds. I’ll have to discuss this with mother, but I feel it is beyond my capacity.

Eoghan tried to sneak away, but there’s no escaping my serpantine senses. I trust Nikki loosened him up. I also hope the notion that good things happen in my presence rubs off on Eoghan and the others, as well as the lovely sisters of Sigma Delta Epsilon.

Jenny and I poked around a little behind the scenes, but I’m sure Absinthe won’t mind. It has become very clear that I am welcomed and trusted in Absinthe’s house.

Jenny's Journal - A Goth Outing

Another day, another adventure. New places to explore always, so I started the day after checking my mail and in on my sisters with calling the Professor Sawyer that seemed so obsessed with his study of magic. He said that an experiment was going on today that I might be interested in, and I couldn’t really resist checking it out. Still so much I don’t know, and have to quickly learn it seems. Melody though, one of our younger sisters who can still stay out all night drinking on weekends, still had a hangover but I passed her the card from Aya. She promised to come over later once her head had shrunk a bit.

Though first, a stop by Aya’s shop was in order to keep up my paycheck. I start moving around the new inventory for my boss when Richard shows up! To pay for his hat, finally. Pretty nice one too with odd runes sewn into the fabric. More evidence pointing to him being a wizard. He was also heading over to Sawyer’s for the experiment, so Aya and I decide to tag along!

Thankfully my cell phone was in the car! Richard did…something to make himself float! But all the electrics in the area went crazy. I noticed Eoghan also down the hallway fixing another locked door, he kind of freaked out and left though after the explosion, and the Detective McCullen was also here to see the Professor about the book Sawyer ‘liberated’. We managed to convince McCullen to not take it back though, since it would only be more of a huge hassle. Though the idea of mind control magic is pretty darn scary. And an invasion of more than 10 rights. We adjourn to a cafe to continue talking after the explosion, where Eoghan is hiding in a corner away from us? Aya and I spotted him though, and he reluctantly joins the conversation as Aya invites everyone to a new goth club in town called the Necroteque. Or similar.

Back at Aya’s shop, Melody shows up for her tour of the clothing available. He also invites Melody to the Goth Club and any other of our sisters who’d want to come. Though Melody was pretty nervous around Aya, she was curious about the club and nabs me and a few of our sisters to go goth shopping! A few good shopping hours later, I help Aya close up but not before Eoghan shows up for a fitting for goth clothes of his own for tonight. Glad he decided to come!

The others showed up at the Necroteque before me and my sorority sisters. My sisters spent a great deal of time dressing me in a fine gown, an apology for the house prank. I had to accept, and I don’t really blame them anymore. At least it is over now! The party Absinthe puts on was a sight to be seen. As we show up, and cover Richard for the door fee, he plays a strange instrument where he waves his hands melodiously over a record player. Though Absinthe himself, er, herself? I can’t really tell. But! She/he seems to be fascinated by Aya and takes us back to her dressing room after several good hours of the club. Eoghan and McCullen seem to hook up with two of my sisters, Jasmine and Trina respectively. Though after the tour of Absinthe’s dressing room, some of the clothes in there from Aya herself, she/he gifts me with an amazing black dress! It’s loose fitting too, so it blows in the wind slightly. Very sleek. But Absinthe leaves Aya and I alone…and I can’t help but want to explore the mansion! It has several interesting nooks and crannies along with a balcony to see the stage area from apart from the club masses below. It had its share of hidden areas too, specifically a cabinet in the kitchen with a hidden dark passageway. Though Aya convinces me we should go, since the club is closing.

I head back to the house with Melody, I’m used to being the DD anyways. And I was grateful for the dress my sisters made me.

Vampires? As if...

Another day, another glorious opportunity to appreciate the passionate beauty my skills have inspired. Little was I to know that Eoghan was disposed to shame at his actions. Upon hearing that Nikki had gone missing, I must admit my first thoughts led to depravity, but happily the dark compulsions originated from a fellow of more morbid tastes and supernatural influences. I’m glad to know that Eoghan is indeed not a lady killer.

Instead it seems he suffers from shame and an inability to maintain the affections of a young lady to the point that she sneaks off shortly thereafter. Never having suffered this scenario, I can only imagine the profound feelings of inadequacy such an event would produce. Perhaps this is the reason he wished to hide himself from us the next morning, despite the imminent threat of danger to the young lady’s person. Though I may be judging him too harshly. Indeed, I should ask him about his method. Such an outcome could prove quite advantageous at improper times. Which reminds me, Melody and Molly will both be visiting the shop tomorrow afternoon, at unfortunately the same time. I must prepare for confrontation, as both will no doubt be jealously vying for my attention.

The detective had a particular glow about him this morning. I admit I am impressed, as he didn’t seem the type, yet achieved admirably without my heavy-handed influence. The fact that only Nikki seemed to have gone missing indicates greater success, so bravi to you, sir. Gale reached the same conclusion as I (unsurprisingly so), that the abductor was indeed associated with the cemetery. How one can discern such by touch is beyond me. Clearly he has some sort of supernatural investigatory powers as well, which lends well to his chosen profession. Indeed, it probably is the underlying reason for such a choice.

St. Patrick’s Cemetery isn’t exactly my idea of a bright and sunny day outing. We traced the trail to a particularly large and fantastically artistic crypt. I imagine Absinthe would be quite inspired by the place. I’ll have to mention it later.

Imagine my surprise when some random hooligan tried to jump Jenny (not that I can necessarily blame him). Imagine my greater (and pleasant) surprise when she turned into a panther and mauled her attacker. Imagine my profoundly overwhelming surprise when a sniper appeared and took out the assailant! Gale suggested we clear out as the police showed up on the scene, which required little coaxing on my part.

Unfortunately he told them my name, and they found out where I lived. Not entirely sure why he would tell me to run from them, then identify me as a witness for questioning. Perhaps he is trying to paint a picture of suspicion on me, though for what purpose I can’t conjecture. I’ll have to keep my eye on him. Happily, I had time to develop a cover story. Simple humans are so quick to believe a person is crazy rather than lying when he talks of snipers, panthers, and a premeditated urban safari.

We gathered later at O’Reilly’s Pub to discuss the events of the day. Eoghan was clearly overwhelmed by the day’s events, drinking himself into a very unbecoming stupor and mumbling about his brain bleeding. Rimmy very clearly understands at least the vampiric half of my nature, and he’s not at all comfortable with it, though he begrudgingly allows me entry so that he may keep an eye on me. The others decided that this plot is the work of a Black Court vampire, and they are likely quite right. So far there has been no mention of other types of vampires, and I have played down their existence. Dr. Grant Sawyer likely has the knowledge at his disposal, but hasn’t quite put the clues together in my case.

Whether or not Nikki will be safe is still up in the air. The swarm of cops descending on the graveyard halted our own investigation. I do trust that she will be saved. I did not intend for her to have any worse problems to deal with today than regrets about an ill-conceived one night stand.

As Eoghan Lies Dying...

Eoghan O’Reilly had never spent time contemplating death until today.

Really, why would he? A man of his generation traditionally only thought of his mortality as he lay dying on the sidewalk of stab or gunshot wounds.

But today, Eoghan came to terms with his imminent demise.

It started innocently enough, this day… well, not innocently, since it opened immediately after a one-night stand with one of the sorority girls, Nikki. A strange enough event, but not as strange as the day it presaged. Upon waking in the mid-morning, Eoghan discovered Nikki gone; not too surprising, he wasn’t completely sure why she hooked up with him in the first place.

But shortly after that, the craziness began. Detective McCullen showed up, informed by Jenny that Nikki hadn’t made it to class that morning. Jenny and Aya showed up right after that, and wouldn’t leave despite all attempts to Eoghan to pretend he wasn’t home.

Well, once he found out that he was soon to be the prime suspect in a kidnapping, Eoghan felt pretty damn obligated to help out. Grabbing his lockpicks, a tire iron and his butterfly knife, he hopped into Gale’s car for a ride over to [[:St. Patrick’s Cemetery | St. Patrick’s Cemetery]] apparently the detective had been investigating a string of similar disappearances which were somehow linked there.

((TBC… NOT BY AYA. I’ll do it properly this time.))

Failed interogation of a Vampire
Gale's adventure log

I certainly have my work cut out for me, or more importantly cut out from under myself. Today I not only had to deal with a “vampire’s pet” but also an overzealous werecat or what ever the hell Jenny Agis is. I still don’t not know how I am going to explain the event to the officers if they as me, “it seems like a cat just appeared out of thin air, how does this happen.” Though I would be prepared to tell the truth, it really would get me on paid leave. Here’s hoping to a quick resolve to this officer involved shooting incident On to the bigger fish is what happened to the girl at the bar? It seems completely unnatural for her to go with Eoghan, and I am beginning to think he is more involved in this than he is letting on. I mean hot sorority girls just don’t leave the bar with people who don’t seem to like the company of total strangers, or anyone for that matter. I will have to keep my eye on him. Aya is still doing his weird sniffing thing. I am sure he must have some sort of power, though for the life of me I cannot figure out what it is, unless he is also some sort of werewolf or something. it would explain why he’s a bit of a dog ha! All kidding aside I still do not know about him as well. He is friends with Absinthe and I am not exactly trusting of her. I can understand knowing I am a detective if I believe she is one of those “wizard things”, and most supernatural creatures just seem to guess who I am off the top of their head. I don’t understand though is that the black council or kingdom or whatever, seems to have connections with her, and I don’t like it. Those kids bodies were found a little to close to her club for comfort for her, and if Aya knows something and is not telling then I will have a stern talking to later. One last aside is what in the hell am I going to do while I am out of work. Fate seemed to drag me into this mess and she is doing a really fucking good job of not leading to a safe resolution. I could just see it now fate telling me that I need to kill Dracula or even Blackula. I am getting sick of how she bosses me around and gets me into situations where I have to explain to people that the reason I was carrying around holy water and stakes is because my godfather wanted me to put them on his grave. He never did like all the crazy stuff Nana was into. Here’s hoping Fate stops dealing me the Joker and gives me a fucking card I can use for once. Cullen out.

Missing girl, still missing

Wonderful news! It seems all of my new supernatural companions are starting to appreciate my value as an artist. Aside from Jenny (who works there with me anyway), all of them have come seeking my advice on how to improve their nightlife attire. It would be marvelous if this trend continues, perhaps even to their daily wardrobes.

More and more they are revealing their supernatural abilities. Three have shown definite powers, even if I can’t classify one of them, and the other two are clearly connected to the supernatural, no matter how they may try to rationalize it. I expect it will only be a matter of time before they begin questioning my apparent lack of displayed abilities. Some of them have already noticed my utter lack of surprise at the supernatural, which I suppose is not the typical reaction, but it’s too late now to feign.

So there I sat in the shop, dreading the coming storm, as person after person came to the shop seeking me out. The detective very clearly believes that I know something. Not sure how he is so intuitive, but I don’t think Absinthe is working directly with this vampire everyone is obsessed with. A person of Absinthe’s particular allure likely attracts a variety of characters of differing values. Richard is another story. He spent an hour in the shop and didn’t even commission the fantastic matching robe I designed to go with his hat. He’s an odd one to be sure, but then mother never erred on the side of normalcy either.

Jenny called and wanted to come in, which was perfect! Perhaps she could help me in occupying Melody when both of the girls were at the shop. Indeed, it looked dangerous for a moment, but Melody was distracted by the disappearance of her sorority sister and not in a mood for banter. Molly on the other hand was exceptionally eager. I may have gone a little bit overboard, but such is the price of power. Perhaps I should start using my powers. It would at least give me a reason to feed. But the crisis was averted, I still have two solid commissions, and a lusty barmaid clearly yearning for more.

The others decided to converge on my shop for planning of an operation into the Necrotheque. I personally did not care to hear the details. I promised to keep Absinthe busy, but can one even consider such a responsibility work? I have several new design ideas after seeing Absinthe’s wardrobe, so I drew some rough sketches in preparation.

I went to the Necrotheque, oblivious to the others’ plans, though fully aware they will probably create some tension. They just can’t accept that Absinthe is a fine artist and not some sinister plotter. Who would want to raise the ire of the Black Court, anyhow? I will accept the danger, however, if it means rescuing the damsel in distress. And to think, it actually was Eoghan’s fault all along. True, I did send Nikki home with him, but I didn’t allow her to leave alone the night after telling a Black Court vampire to piss off. Perhaps I can find a means to sell him some tact as well. Too bad it doesn’t come in a distilled spirit.

Absinthe was thrilled with the new designs, despite their rough first sketches. Looks like I’ll have another commission, and another opportunity to perform a fitting. I informed Absinthe about a letter of intrigue I received. The White Court is pressing back into Boston, and has warned me to be on good behavior. I let slip to Absinthe that I was related by blood to them. At least I know I’ll still be welcome in one nighttime establishment.

Panthers and Wizards and Vampires, Oh My!

Uncle Rimmy lied to me.

Dad didn’t die in The Troubles, bleeding out after a gunfight with a para.

Dad’s not dead at all.

What he IS, though, is still unknown to me…

...Because you see, my old dad was a Faerie.

Not, apparently, a pixie-wings-and-sparkle-dust faerie (who knew there was more than one kind?), but something else. And of course, the old goat won’t talk about it.

But, this explains a lot… like how I can apparently see in the dark now. Which is a very strange sensation, let me tell you… it adds a whole new flavor to the term “cat burglar.”

Perhaps I should back up a bit and explain how we came to this realization…

After yesterday’s “series of strokes,” I awoke today with a hangover that could take down Zeus (who, in hindsight, I should probably not joke about in case he takes offense). Finding myself not yet dead, I still could not reconcile the events of the previous day with reality, so I backtracked to the cemetery, where I found Jenny trying to sneak into the crypt where we’d had our little battle. She wasn’t having any luck getting past the cop, but once she’d started the distraction I slipped in instead…

...Only to find that the crypt was clean like a professional kitchen. Seriously, you could eat off the floor (not that I would or did). Somebody had wiped the place clean, real professionally, and had either done so before we arrived or during the firefight. Neither of which boded well for us or for Niki...

After sneaking back out and meeting up with Jenny, we called up Detective McCullen, who came by and slipped past the cop to take a peak around. He came to the conclusion (I don’t know how, the guy has visions or something) that they’d used some kind of portal to empty the place during the fight, but that they had indeed been holding Niki and two other girls there while performing occult rituals. Sadly, he couldn’t see where they ended up… but he know who could.

A short drive later we arrived at Paprika’s Wondernarium, an abandoned carnival area of town where Gale apparently knows a psychic. The old broad, remarkably, seems to have been actually psychic… she was easily and frequently reading my thoughts while we were there, and she was able to to “locate” Niki and the other girls near the Necrotheque. This unfortunately connects all the dots… Horus kidnapped Niki to turn into a mentally pliable hooker (why, I have no idea), but she only got involved because I’d pissed him off and he wanted to get back at me.


The psychic also told me I should talk to my uncle about all these coincidences, which is how I got clued in to the whole faerie thing. Then, despite his warnings, we embarked on a mission to free Niki.

The Necrotheque was clearly not designed with security in mind; an adjacent warehouse has a fire escape which nearly hangs over the fence, allowing us easy access once I’d broken in to the warehouse and bypassed their security.

Once on the grounds, we were able to determine that the kidnappers-Horus and at least one other vampire-had used some sort of portal to move from the crypt to the Necrotheque grounds. They were stashing the girls inside the mother-in-law house in the backyard, so that’s where we went.

Or rather, that’s where I went. I didn’t trust anyone else to break into a vampire’s home, although cat-form Jenny might able to. Besides, I could see in the dark now, so it was no problem for me to waltz right in.

The place wasn’t heavily secured, although one of the bedrooms upstairs did contain three armed goons I was eager to avoid. Fortunately they didn’t see or hear me, and I had no trouble finding where they had stashed the girls…

...of course, I had a significant amount of trouble once their magical ward was breached and the lights and alarms went off…

Absinthe doesn't just taste rotten
Gale's adventure log

So it appears that there are vampires in Boston and are the ones kidnapping young girls. My only concern is why they are doing this in the first place. I cannot see vampires really needing a prostitution ring for anything. Not to mention that I have been tracking a trail like this once before. The two incidents could be unrelated but then again, for all I know vampires would kill kids for fun.

Absinthe is becoming my personal public enemy number one. There should be no reason that she would be this close to them without being connected in some way. What I do not understand is what she would get out of it. The warders will eventually return, and when they do they will find out about her little philandering with the Black Court.

We are going to Absinthe’s club tonight in order to hopefully rescue the girls. I do hope this does not end up in more odd looks from my coworkers; I am already in the dog house with the chief for the incident at the graveyard. I brought some stakes with me and holy water, but this is not going to help if the enemies turn out to be civilians, which at this point might happen. These Rend Fields as Dr. Grant Sawyer has called them, are just normal humans. How am I supposed to kill lost souls like that

It wont matter if there are Rend Fields or Dracula himself in the club, we need to rescue those girls. That and make Absinthe tell us everything she knows. Aya may be in on it too, and that is why I am giving him the job of distracting her. If Aya gives us away we will know, and if he does not, at least I can trust him to no betray us yet. I am hoping all goes well but in this city, anything is possible. Wish me luck

Action Before Worrying (or thinking)

The dream was back. Hiding, unable to do anything and watching my Dad die. Just a small kitten staying perfectly still away from whatever large thing had taken Dad down. I awoke early realizing that I felt the same way about losing Niki. I was, what, 25 now? Fifteen years and I still felt like a coward for that night. At least this time I had not woken up a panther and nearly scared the literal pants off my roommate. Why I had gotten my own room this time.

After hitting the gym in the early morning and then submitting more paperwork to finalize my bar exam, I talk to everyone I knew looking for anything about Niki. Had she turned up? Maybe the police had found her. But as the morning continued it seemed a short hope. Whatever had captured her, vampires or something else, probably still had her. I called up then the few people and, hoepfully?, friends I could ask who were there that night. Detective McCullen said nothing had turned up on his end, and Aya said he would ask his contacts and asked me to come in to help him manage both Melody and Molly. Why I get paid there, I suppose, and as long as he treats Molly well. After still hearing nothing, I hop on my bike and drive back to the cemetery.

To my surprise, Eoghan is also there! I had picked up flowers to take to my Dad’s grave as a possible distraction and ask Eoghan to use them, though I end up being the distraction for him. Why can he hide so well? He has to be a supernatural something like me. Maybe I’ll ask him about it when he’s not up 5 miles in De Nile. But he does sneak into the grave and says it’s clean as can be. Someone scrubbed it. I curse internally and went to visit my Dad’s grave. Coming back, Detective McCullen is here also having just taken his own look inside the grave. He reports the same as Eoghan but additionally that some sort of portal was used to get Niki out. So according to Sawyer, we may still have time to save her. McCullen and Eoghan decide to head off to visit a fortune teller at Paprika’s Wondernarium? I remember the place from when I was very small but didn’t think it was still open. Though I have to help out Aya and play defense, and maybe he turned up something.

Just in time! Rotating customers with Aya we manage to avert anything huge. And I get a bit of girl gossip in with Molly about Eoghan and she some about Aya. Melody is still hugely upset about Niki and I try to calm her saying that the cops and I are still looking into it. Even if I have to beat up more of those zombie things. Erm, well not that I still feel great about killing a mindless human. Ugh. Well, guilt trip later. Finding Niki now. Though a very odd note comes for Aya as he is back in the shop with only Molly. A threat letter! And one signed WC. Well, he’s enough like family that I’ll defend him too if something dark and sinister knocks on his door. Especially more vampires.

As the day continues, Saywer, McCullen, and Eoghan show up at Aya’s! A plan is forming, to head to the Necrotheque and find out if the vampires within have Niki. And then get her out. I immediately am game, especially since the other three seem very convinced. Aya doesn’t want to get involved, believing Absinth innocent. Which he still may be, considering how large the Necrotheque is and how many hiding spaces it has! Though Aya does dress Saywer appropriately, albeit with no makeup, and we hit the club early and sneak in the back way. Eoghan takes the lead with McCullen close behind as we sneak into the Mother-in-Law house of the Necrotheque. McCullen does more of his unique brand of sleuthing, not that I’m questioning most things at this point, and tells us Nikki and the other girls are indeed inside. The hiding and burglary master Eoghan, it seems, gets us in without any alarms. Until he sneaks in alone, and we suddenly hear an alarm go off!


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