Supernatural Boston

A Cunning Plan? Part 2

At least continuing to push forward is preventing my nerves from revolting on me and running and hiding somewhere. We’ve decided to ambush Horus at Paprika’s Wondernarium, a run-down old amusement park with enough hiding places to almost hide an army in. Richard preps his magic circle and wards to keep Horus in place once the trap has sprung while the rest of us visit Madam Ginger. She probably could know everything, if she put her mind to it, and even Eoghan acts nervously around her. But Detective McCullen trades her a favor to know more about how our trap for Horus goes and she declares that in 2 days time he will cease kidnapping innocents and remaking them into sex slaves. Or at least that is what I hope she said. Words, like the law, can be bent. Something I’m too familiar with. The temptation to ask her about my Father is increasing the longer I think about it. I will have to trade a favor for that knowledge soon, unless by some miracle evidence shows up after all this time. Yeah, that’s about as likely as Aya turning into a snake.

A day of preparation passes, as hiding spots for all of us are found and we continue to make ready. Need to think up more weapons for killing a vampire. He will pay for what was done to Nikki and all those other innocents.



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