Supernatural Boston

Vampire Wars Episode 2: Blacula's Revenge

Eoghan's Journal

Despite trashing her property, Absinthe was not as mad as us I’d expected; she was not excessively unhappy that she didn’t have to deal with the Black Court anymore, as she’d thrown them out when she found out what was going on in their rental space. Unfortunately, we couldn’t convince her to actively oppose Horus, but she did point us in the right direction; Absinthe knew where appointments could be made to “hire” one of his girls.

Now, my normal approaches of “shock and awe” and “breaking and entering” don’t work so well against an immortal, ageless wizard, so we decided to pool our resources together and see if we could flush him out with an old-fashioned sting operation. With myself making the phone calls to “Carlos” to set up the initial appointment, and Dr. Sawyer conducting our meetings, as he is not known to Horus, we lured the bastard out of hiding to talk shop. After chatting about terms, conditions, and prices with Dr. Sawyer, he left for home, cleverly followed by multiple cars without license plates. Fortunately, we were more clever in tailing them, tracking him back to a little suburban residence without being spotted by their drivers. Strangely, it seems that the Detective’s call about the plateless cars had no results; no officers showed up to make arrests or give tickets (something they are normally eager to do).




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